DevX - Community of practice

Join the SaaS Community of Practice

DevX is a community of practice — it is focused on the practice of developing Software as a Service (SaaS) products. And welcomes everyone — X — who contributes to that knowledge domain.

The purpose of DevX Community is to enable learning and skill development, for everyone who defines themselves as a member of the community.

A Community of Practice is a concept coined by Lave & Wenger's in their theory of situated learning. They aim to replace the traditional Master/Apprentice education with a concept they named Legitimate Peripheral Participation. All inclusive and free of asymmetrical power structures between learners and old-timers.

DevX - What kinda name is that?

DevX recognize — and humbly pays tribute to — the achievements of previous methodologies, concepts, tools, architectures within our industry; software development.

And yet...

DevX wants to kick in the doors — to crash the party — of the dev teams of the World, and advocates a holistic and generic da capo of what DevOps did so elegantly and effectively for all contemporary software — simply by encouraging interdisciplinary professionals to join forces.

DevX want to explore methodologies, tools and concepts, to include all professions that contribute to the overall software development value stream and to embrace entirely new ways of developing software products standing on the shoulders of everything the industry collectively learned over the past 2-3 decades — rather than blindly replicating previous patterns.